Multi Axis Milling

3 & 4 Axis milling

Simple and Complicated parts in one or two operations

Advancements in CAD have allowed engineers and designers to produce more complex parts. This requires a more technical approach to manufacture. our investment in the latest machines, cam, work-holding and tooling mean we are able to tackle these challenges.

3+2 and 5 Axis Machining

5 Axis Machined Parts

3+2 and 5 Axis simultaneous machined parts

Multi axis machining is the  machining of 5 faces in a single operation. this can be from simple rectangle block with a feature, such as a thread or pocket on every face to complicated swept surfaces requiring many movements in all 5 axis.

High Volume Milling

High Volume Milled Parts

High Volume milling and batch milled parts

Automation, productivity software/systems coupled with continually trained and motivated staff allow us to produce high volume milled parts efficiently. Our work schedule often caters for high volume milled parts batch sizes over 50 single parts. Large batch milling/high volume milled part quantities allow us to refine the production and add methods of productivity to aid the manufacture of your parts,  These savings are always passed on to you.

High Volume Turning

High Volume Turned Parts

1 to 1 million parts, machined in one hit from  1mm up to 80mm solid bar

Investment in high end machine tools allow AE to produce high volumes of parts in a single operation, therefor avoiding errors from setting up further operations on other machines and the added costs of having to preform multi operations on more than one setup.

About us and our goals

About us

Bringing together a team of motivated, quality machinists and engineers to create a one team, working philosophy coupled with a proven automated FMS. AE set out in 2018 to bring 3 products to its ever growing customer base. Fast tracked parts, high volume part manufacturing and turn key solutions from concept to full scale long term production.

Our Goals

Our goals are, and always will be a focus on our skilled staff team, our valued customers and our part/product quality and its on time delivery.


Rural Yorkshire

Based in the heart of rural Yorkshire, from our transport linked and modern digitally connected location we provide cnc machined parts to customers all over the UK including Birmingham, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and the south coast, Europe and the United States of America


A few words from our valued customers

On time, Quality parts is paramount to our business model. This is why we continue to work solely with the team at Advanced Engineering.

We rely on AE for just in time delivery on all our parts. The technology AE use means we know when are parts are in production and when we will receive them automatically.

The Advanced team are our go to supplier for batch production and sole supplier for turn key solutions, products from concept to market are where the team at advanced engineering excel. ​

“After an extensive supplier audit process we choose Advanced Engineering to produce Softjaws.co.uk’s extensive range of work holding products. We needed a firm we could rely on with a Kanban style stock system as well as a fast track style production approach for prototypes and our ever growing new product ideas.”